1) The object of the Calmore Community Association (CCA) is to afford its Members a means of social activities, mutual helpfulness and rational recreation.
2) Members must be suitably dressed, conduct themselves in an orderly and sober manner and in no circumstances cause offence or distress to other users of the premises.
3) The use of foul language will not be tolerated in or around the premises.

4) The Management Committee shall have the right to reprimand, suspend or expel any member who misconduct’s him/herself or infringes any CCA rule within the Association premises.

5) A member who has been suspended or expelled has the right to appeal. This must be done in writing, addressed to the CCA Secretary and within 28 days of the suspension.

6) SUBSCRIPTIONS. The annual renewal period of the CCA subscription will be between 1st – 28th. January each year. The subscription must be paid before the member is entitled to any privileges of the CCA. Any person who has not renewed their membership within the allotted period shall cease to be a Member.

7) The CCA will keep, upon its premises, a book containing names and Membership numbers.

8) The Management Committee shall have the right to restrict the number of Members and/or to suspend applications for membership for any period it may deem necessary in the interests of the Association.

9) Members may introduce guests, but no member may introduce more than two guests at any one time and no guest may be signed in more than 12 times in any one year. Guests must be ‘signed in’ using the book kept on the premises for this purpose and the appropriate fee paid. It is the members’ responsibility to see this is done.

Members must accompany their guests during the period of their stay on the premises and shall be responsible for their good behaviour and observance of the rules of the CCA.

No member or guest may join a private function on the premises unless invited to do so.

The CCA may refuse a member introducing any particular person as a visitor if they so think fit and may prohibit a member introducing visitors during the hours when licensed premises in the locality are not open for the sale of intoxicants to the public.

10) Members of a CCA’s games team and their supporters visiting the premises for a games contest shall be temporary members for the period of their visit provided a nomination form containing names of such persons is provided and signed by the Secretary of that club. All temporary members will be subject to the rules of the CCA.

11) Any motion proposed by a member for consideration at a Management Committee must do so in writing, addressed to the CCA secretary giving at least 7 days’ notice before the next scheduled meeting.

Disputes between a member and an elected Committee member shall (unless the Committee elect to refer matter directly to a special general meeting) be settled by the Committee. The decision of the Committee shall be final.

13) Any rule of the CCA may be amended this must be done only at a meeting called for such purpose. Notification of any proposed amendment shall be posted for at least 10 days prior to such meeting. Any amendment shall require at least two thirds of the members present.

14) The Management Committee shall have power to make such by-laws as it may consider necessary for the good governance and order of the CCA, provided such by-laws do not conflict with any rules.

15) All members must adhere to the CCA’s Policies (available on request).

16) All members of the CCA Management Committee are entitled to one free hall hire per year. This is not transferable and the committee member must be attending the function. The event will be booked through the Centre Manager and a refundable deposit and bar hire fee are to be paid.